Our festival and events

Living Belen

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In mid-December, every year, in the old cellars and caves of El Charcón, a fascinating living Bethlehem is organized, which moves us 2,000 years in time. Do not miss this representation, unique in the Community of Madrid!

Wine Fair

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Enjoy one of our most popular events! At the beginning of October, the Wine Fair is held at El Molar, with numerous activities such as visits to wineries, concerts, dances, workshops, exhibitions and much more.

Do not miss our parties and celebrations!

Kings Parade

When: January 5.

Every year the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos takes place in El Molar. The most magical night of the year, that of January 5, Their Majesties the Magi from the East come to El Molar distributing gifts and trinkets to all the boys and girls of the municipality. On these dates a Living Nativity is also celebrated in the central Plaza Mayor.

Festivity of Santa Águeda

When:  4th and 5th of February

The party includes a series of activities carried out and directed by and for women. Among the most popular acts, highlights the election of a “mayor”, whose term ends the next day. Dances are organized and there is a Manila shawl contest. They are given to taste the typical sweets of these dates, such as Tits and Trunk of Santa Águeda.


When:  Tuesday of Carnival

Every year we celebrate Carnival in El Molar, a party in which the children dress up and parade accompanied by the charanga to the plaza, where they are invited to chocolate and churros. It is celebrated between February and March, according to the year (traditionally, Carnival begins before Lent, that is, forty days before Holy Week).

Bread and Cheese Festival

When:  Easter Sunday

This celebration could be defined as the Prelude of the Patron Saint Festivities, the Molareños and Molareñas go to the chapel of the Virgen del Remolino to raise it in procession to the town. At the gates of the hermitage the Brotherhood of the Virgin gives the traditional alms to climb the path of bread, cheese and lemonade blessed to take the strength to climb on the shoulders of the Virgin of the Swirl to the parish church after a tour about 7 km

Feast of the Maya

When:  May 1.

One of our most popular parties. A Maya is enthroned on an altar erected in the plaza and the famous Mayos are sung. It is thought that it was in the eighteenth century when these songs were taught by the dance teacher of Felipe V to the young people of the municipality. It is therefore a unique celebration, like its songs, in the Madrid region.


When:  Thursday of the Ascension

After forty days from Easter, comes the “Day of the Powder” in which fireworks gives way to the big day of the holidays. On Thursday of the Ascension the main mass and the procession are celebrated. Continue our Patron Saint Festivities the following days, with bullfighting acts, musical performances and many other activities.

Festivities of San Isidro

When: 15 th of May

On May 15 a procession in honor of San Isidro (co-patron of the municipality) has a place. It is celebrated in the Cerro de la Corneja, northeast of the town, where the Hermitage of San Isidro is located. Here the farmers, after taking the Saint out of the Hermitage, distribute buns and lemonade to the attendees to commemorate the day of the farm workers.

Pilgrimage of El Taral

When:  Pentecost Sunday

In this Romería the image of the Virgin of Our Lady of the Swirl of the Parochial Church is returned to its hermitage, located in the plain of the Jarama river. Accompanied by numerous neighbors, the Virgin is dismissed next to the chapel with a picnic, competitions, snacks and dances and a “mascletá” end of party.